June 11, 2010

Rook - By Eric York

Rook – From Eric York’s Nephilim Chess Set

Taken from a captured transmission from inside the “Most Holy” section of the Tabernacle.

“Apparently, sir – the situation has gotten out of hand.” Said the  Messenger.

“How  out of hand ? What the fuck are they doing?”

Messenger:  It’s no longer just what  they  are doing.

Number 1: What do  you mean? What are you talking about?!

Messenger: The interface;  the… Device. They… Abused it.

Number 1: Buddy if you don’t  tell me exactly what the fuck is going on down there right now you’re  going to find yourself in…

Messenger: I don’t need to remind you  that you were the one who put every single one of them in the position  they’re in right now. The ones responsible for a situation that I don’t  even know how to describe even though that’s exactly what I’m expected  to do right now. Your people, the ones you left in charge – fucked you  over. They ruined the entire project. I’ll tell you exactly how but it’s  a long story. I really have no idea how we’re going to clean this up.  How YOU are.

Number 1: Just tell me, please?

Messenger:  They got tired of babysitting. They started tampering with things. They  used the machine to make all kinds of things. First it was just simple  devices, designed to pass the time. Next thing you know they’re creating  robot servants to do their tasks for them.

Number 1: Robots!?  Doing their jobs?

Messenger: that’s nothing. The robots were a  welcome development; things were running efficiently under their watch.  No one thought to question the robots because they made everything  easier for everyone. Unfortunately, they freed up even more time for  your appointed ones. With this extra time, their boredom festered, and  they started coming up with other ways of keeping themselves  entertained.

Number 1: If it’s anything more perverse than robots,  I’m not sure I can bear to hear…

Messenger: I have barely  gotten started, sir…

Number 1: Fuck.

Messenger: None of  them seemed to be able to understand how to use the machine to its full  potential, and I suppose we should be glad for this. Though what they  were able to do was probably bad enough to contaminate the whole  environment down there. It seems they were able to access the data for a  significant number of the lifeforms that were included in the original  mix…

Number 1: What, did they offset the ecology by creating too  many animals… of a certain kind… or something?

Messenger:  Probably, but that’s not… as bad as what I’m trying to tell you about.

Number  1: Fuck.

Messenger: Yes. Well. What they did… Was to start  blending the data in machine. They started small: a rat’s head on a  bird’s body; a duck’s bill on a beaver’s. Next, they’re creating  horrific, triple-headed beasts and pitting them against each other for  sport. And by this time the ‘robots’ are gone – any kind of physical  enforcement of laws – local or divine – is carried out by 7 foot tall  humanoids with jackal heads. Horrific monsters who have the citizens in a  state of terror.

Number 1: Say no more – please.

Messenger:  There is MUCH more. There were… Other creatures in the database. After we examined the programs it became apparent to us that this machine had been used duing the “first matrix” to introduce all kinds of creatures we’ve never seen before into the system. Apparently someone close to this project from the very beginning found a way to hack into it from the outside.

Number 1: Other creatures?

Messenger: We don’t know anything about them other than their numbers, but we don’t think they’re the immediate threat.

Number 1: How many are they?

Messenger: only 10 created by the machine itself, but that’s immaterial…

Number 1: Why?

Messenger: They hijacked the birth-incarnation-matrix and multiplied – possibly into the thousands. That’s probably not our current problem –

Number 1: Then why am I only hearing about it now?

Messenger:  Because the monsters created by the ones you left in charge used this ability to blend  in with and reproduce among the populace. They have either taken wives or  simply raped human women, solely for the purpose of creating mutant  offspring. We have determined that the reproductive capabilities of  these unauthorized beasts were carefully programmed into their  physiology. We only found out about this after several generations of  contamination. There are whole communities of unholy-bastard mutations  scattered throughout the land.

Number 1: We have to shut it  down. Shut the whole thing down.

Messenger: The orders are to keep  it open. The project must go on but I agree. It’s all fucked up now; we  must do something.

Number 1: I was against leaving the device and  that garrison there in the first place. The ones inside would never  fully accept the scenario if there were all these mysteries in their  face every time they turned around.

Messenger: I’m aware of your  predicament, but the ones who put this in your hands don’t seem to care.

Number  1: They’ll have no choice but to back me on this. I’m hitting the  goddamned reset button. When we start over it’ll be under MY terms.

Messenger:  What are you going to do?

Number 1: To start we have to shut down  that infernal machine. There will be no unauthorized access to that  world. No access at all. We need to be able to set things up and just let them go down there. On their own, without ANY interaction with ANY  of us; DO YOU UNDERSTAND? They need to be left the fuck alone if they’re  ever gonna get anything out of their experience down there.

Messenger:  That will be total CHAOS. How are we going to keep them from killing  each other off?

Number 1: SO THEY’LL FUCKING KILL EACH OTHER OFF!  The system will just have to adapt to the turnover. It can handle it –  that’s what it was designed for. But I know what you mean, and I have a  plan. We’ll be exploiting their curious nature by staging a few events  that will establish a system of fear-based obedience in them. It won’t  be fool-proof but it will be a new era. We can get more life out of this  project. Leave it to me.”

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