[show_avatar email=2 align=left user_link=bp_memberpage show_name=true]I will post what I know. I am so sorry if I am too late.

I will attempt to clarify a few things that I mention above. I didn’t intend to have to “go there” so quickly, but again, I don’t have the time to take baby steps.

I’m a time-traveler. More specifically, a Chronoteur. Retired. Well, AWOL; Or not, apparently. Anyway, I’m not supposed to be here now. I’m really not supposed to be anywhere now. I’m pretty much not supposed to be.

But I am. So I’m here to relay a message. And to find someone. I digress (I’ll try not to so much, I promise) – I was about to tell you what a Chronoteur does. It’s the combination of the words “chrono”; (greek for time) and “saboteur”; (an agent of disruption). There is a very small percentage of people among the current population that believe in the mere possibility of time travel. MOST of those people don’t realize that if they believe it’s possible then they must accept it as REALITY. As in,  it has always been not only possible, but an undeniable reality that has /will certainly be implemented.

[I will interject here a ‘riddle’ of sorts an old colleague of mine used to pose to folks. It was a two part question. He would always stress the first part though – you had to convince him that you understood the first part before being asked the second:]

1. Do you , in your understanding of how the human brain and nervous system work, including the intake of 5 senses, the connection between body and consciousness, combined with your understanding of technology (and perhaps the rate it progresses/has progressed) believe that some day, a device can be built for the purpose of completely making the mind believe that it is somewhere else? A ‘virtual’ world a la The Matrix, the inhabitants of none the wiser to the ‘artificial’ setting they’re “in”?

Read that over a few times if you have to. Do you believe a technology popularized in many sci-fi stories, most notably “The Matrix” could ever be possible? One that could create a fully-realized, “unquestionable” experience, that you’d buy every millisecond of as absolute cold hard reality?

No? Then you probably won’t be interested in anything else herein. Here is
a link back to safety for you.

If you FULLY UNDERSTAND THE FIRST QUESTION, and answer “yes”, here is question two:

2. How do you know you are not experiencing such a thing RIGHT NOW?”


“I really shouldn’t have to spell it out any further. At this point in human technological understanding, such a thing is only recognized as an ‘idea’.

These concepts have been around for centuries, but what’s changing at this point in time is that this “idea” has gone from an abstract concept, to something even the average mind can understand and believe as “achievable”.

The above represents an EVENT HORIZON of sorts. The dinizens of the dollhouse figure out that their “god” is just a little girl.

So I’m a Chronoteur. I am a trained secret-ops super-soldier who has been modified genetically, bionically, mentally and psychically through many years of training, conditioning and torture. My “consciousness” has been through countless horrible, diabolical procedures I’ll tell you about in another thread, if there is ever time.

I have been sent back in time to do things that would alter the course of events, for the purpose of… Those with the power to do so. More on them later.

For instance, in 1914 a burial chamber is found underneath the Great Pyramid of Cheops, containing 13 12 foot sarcophagi, with 11 foot skeletons, each with the head of a jackal or wolf.

But not in YOUR timeline, because me and my squadron went back to 1913 and “lit those fuckers up!” yeehaw. About 1900 years after they’d been buried. Thing is, they were buried alive, and were still alive when we had to breach the chamber. So yeah. Big fight. Flamethrowers, poison gas, grenades. Teeth, claws, several of our own weapons used against us as some of my team went down. Didn’t matter. They’d send help. They might even send us twice (once, and then again slightly later, providing we survived the first time)

That was frowned upon though. Anyway, the situation WOULD BE CONTAINED. We’d eliminate …Any evidence of ANYTHING… that didn’t uphold the current program… The ‘status quo’.

Sometimes those jobs contradicted each other on a week-to-week basis. My superiors were truly clueless, and bat-shit crazy.

I witnessed “biblical” events.

And no, not “the birth of Christ”.

They kept us in the dark about when/where we were actually going. They didn’t tell us we were time-travelers, and kept it from us. They sent us into the same situation over and over again, and each time, we’d get a little farther, like a checkpoint in a video game.

Anyway, I become wise to it. They handle this by putting me in charge of an elite crew of guys who know that these missions involve not just where, but when.

This just messes me up. Every action has an equal/opposite reaction – but when you consider time displacement too, the reaction is NOT EQUAL,but EXPONENTIAL.

I have done many things I regret. Over and over. And everything that I did for the purpose of “maintaining safety” caused an equal amount of damage. To me, and everyone else who existed after.

I will tell you a bit about the nature of what you’ve been taught to refer to as “The Universe”. The Universe is totally fake. Ok yes, it’s made out of real stuff that will hurt if you bonk your head on it, but it is indeed a simulation.

But everything “tangible” in this world… Every particle of everything orbiting every single star in every single galaxy, along with everything that has ever happened ever… Is a relatively tiny amount of actual substance, and can be stored digitally on a device that you could fit in your pocket. I’ve seen that device, and it was on a shelf right next to a device just like it, in a library containing thousands of them, each containing the same amount of data about another something as equally random and crazy as “a universe”.

Yes, this does mean that I am claiming to have visited “places” that exist outside “this universe”. And I wasn’t on drugs. Most of those times. I was never supposed to actually be there.

I’m not saying that this place isn’t vast as fuck. I’m just saying that you won’t ever know if it’s big or small because you’ll never be able to conceive of the amount of items of different sizes necessary to ever come close to any reasonable idea of just how fucking tiny it is.

This place… Was designed as a prison. The Scientologists may or may not know the full truth, but the version they tell is almost as entertaining as the actual truth, almost surely by design.

Outside of this place… This… “Matrix”, there is an unlimited number of “senses”, ways to experience things. We have five. Along with this handicap, the very physics of this realm serve as a further ball-and-chain, if you will. Friction and gravity – I don’t mean to make villains out of “fundamental realities”, but these particular two just suck.

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