There really aren’t any, in the capacity you probably think of them.


Oh, those little gray guys do exist. And in great number. Though you have more in common with them genetically than you’ll ever know.

One of them may supposed to have been your twin brother.

Pretty unlikely though, most of them are factory/farmed clones of people abducted decades ago.

It’s one of the only ways “in”.

And there are several …organizations… Manufacturing them.

Each with several different clients.

You get the picture.

If you encounter a “gray” and are given the (unlikely) chance to speak, ask “Why are you inside one of my people’s bodies?”

You will shortly thereafter find out if the creature is truly benevolent or not.

Actually, you’d most likely end up back in your bed, with only “missing time” as “evidence.”

It is possible that some grays don’t actually know their own origin. They may have been conditioned during their entire existence to believe they are ambassadors from Mars.

A scary thought.

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