Captain Anarchy & Oi Boy

[show_avatar email=4 user_link=bp_memberpage show_name=true]They were a sham. WE were a sham. SHAM ’89. ’99. And several other SHAMS well before and since. Also probably doubly-dubious during any, many or all of those times too.

You know me as Oi Boy. Some of you know me as Joseph Hawkins. Some of you know someone else as Joseph Hawkins, and me as someone else.

Either way, that’s not anyone’s real name. Except for maybe some other poor bastard who’s mother named him that.

(And I sincerely hope that none of those poor bastards ever encountered any trouble because of MY having been given that alias.)

I digress.

If you are one of the small number of people who remember “Captain Anarchy & Oi Boy”, let’s hope that you are part of the even smaller group that never bought the charade.

If not, let me enlighten you:

I am part of the former, but not the latter.

I was/am a victim of a program that involved the breeding and training of a certain kind of super-soldier. A blacker-than-black-ops, multi-purpose assassin/saboteur. My job would be to infiltrate and change time-lines.

Several situations were staged for purposes of my training. Many of them happened strictly inside my head, or in some kind of ‘shared-virtual-reality-environment’, with my “mentor” – “CAPTAIN ANARCHY”, and various allies and/or adversaries, spanning the confines of our solar system and the ‘next nearest galaxy’ (It was designed not to challenge the realm of what my mind could ‘buy’ as possible.)

As a result, there are things that I perceive as “memories” that are really little more than what most people consider dreams.

There are things that several of you believe to be memories – that you WITNESSED – TOGETHER WITH ME – that are no more than the same.

There was no “Captain Anarchy and Oi Boy”, nor any anti-government crusade. He wasn’t “friends with Jack from TSOL”. The things we pulled together – if we actually pulled them – were STAGED to condition the way certain people perceived things. Some of you, but particularly me.

If you are approached or contacted by “Captain Anarchy”, “The Rockabilly Kid” or anyone claiming to be myself, “Joseph Hawkins” or “Oi Boy”, deny any connection, and get AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS POSSIBLE!

I will not contact you in any other way but through this website.

Oi Boy
(c/o Rickey Rat)


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