Kevin Byrd:

Rickey Rat Comics was an early example of self-published, DIY photocopied ‘mini-comics’  started in 1985. Byrd was tired of a lack of PUNK ROCK in the comics scene back then, and set out to make his own.

Influenced by ‘alternative comics’ pioneers Los Bros. Hernandez, Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, and collaborator Chris Cilla, the subject matter of the comic moved from a sci-fi, superhero setting to one of a sillier, more surreal aesthetic.

Byrd stopped making comics in favor of commercial poster-art in the 1990s, also designing CD packaging, T-shirt designs and promotional materials for bands, clubs, and other entertainment-oriented outfits. His comics/cartoon style has endured changes in mediums, tools, and technology, though.

This “reboot” – for lack of a better term – is an amalgamation of all-of-the-above. The sci-fi superheroes have returned in a new format – along with their less-serious associates – but is the surrealism they experience still silly, or has it become sinister?

(see for samples of his recent work)
October 11th, 2016 by Antrodius