Latin. A bishop/custodian of the Deus Device - or any of the temples or other locations that housed it.

(Alkyttar, The - from kyttaro; Greek for cell.) The former name for what we now call The Ludus, when stricter protocols were in place. A comparison would be the transformation of Alcatraz Island from prison to tourist attraction.

From Greek "Kronos" and French "saboteur" (One who sabotages history) A time traveler who's mission is to somehow alter the past and/or future.

Also called "Chrony".

The "God Machine". This device was a portal to the Ludus - used for inserting messengers/wardens and also raw material and technology used for upkeep of the system.It was abuse of this device which led to its deactivation. Now all moderation is done from outside. Inserting new physical material as well as transporting it through wormholes within the Ludus is avoided.

HCHS - Hydrochronic Hubris Syndrome

A side-effect of time-travel. Those who have experienced time-shifts in any capacity - into the past or forward - inevitably develop a superiority complex towards the native (non-time-traveling) people of that time.

Some have argued that this - and all other time-anomaly related psychosis - are purely psychological, that only those with knowledge of their time-shifts develop this attitude. This comes from research done on subjects that were sent through time without their knowledge. It must be noted, though, that this research is flawed, since by its very nature, data is nearly impossible to collect.

General psychotic behavior is reported by nearly all time-travelers and those who have observed them. Many Chronoteurs have claimed that only knowledge of their time-shifts (or their direct effects) caused any psychological issues, and that on missions that they time-shifted unknowingly, they noticed nothing. This has also been backed up (and also denied) by those observing their behavior.

Also referred to as HCHS. Also see "Time Douche".


 (Plural: Kytarri - From kytarro; Greek for cell.) A prisoner of The Alkyttar.

Also see Lusoris.

From Latin - legume n. pulse, or pod, and asceae n. mason's axe or trowel

An ancient form of living, plant-based technology, or its biodegradable bi-products. Used by Mallutri or their human cohorts, mostly in ancient times. Its use was misunderstood as "sorcery", and did become the basis for what was later known as "alchemy".


Also called Phae'tek.

(Ludus, The - Latin for game.) It is the physical dimension we live in. It's the Matrix. It's real, but it's fake too. It's as vast as the universe as anyone knows it, but it's smaller than anything you can imagine too.It started out as a prison or rehab processing system for a race of galactic undesirables. Gradually it became a school, then a cross between a video game, a 3-D movie, an amusement park and an addictive drug for what we can only fathom as higher beings. The system we understand as reincarnation is now just a rotating door for the latest craze in the multiverse. The gods are becoming cosmic couch potatoes in their addiction to the rush provided by spending a lifetime in the realm of friction and gravity. They line right back up for another spin.

Lusoris - (Plural: Lusori; Latin for game piece or player.) The human avatar that experiences the life he/she is born into.

Also see Kytarris.

Latin. A custodis tasked with helming (programming and operation of) the Deus Device.

Plural of Mallutrix.

(PLURAL: Mallutri) An unauthorized presence in The Ludus. Exploitable glitches in the Ludus' physics protocols have enabled hackers to create illegal, 'unnatural' avatars in the game.

(Messoris, The - Latin for Harvester). A black pyramid on the far side of Earth's Moon; it's a transmitter that collects the psyche/soul-data and reconnects it with the Neurotentus. It also beams new players into waiting to be born fetuses.

From Hebrew - fallen, and Latin Temporary.

A mallutrix made using the DNA of existing fauna and flora. Most commonly a "Grey" or "Sasquatch", but there are insect, reptile, amphibian and many other varieties.


Plural of Neurotentus.

(Plural: neurotenti - Latin for string-master.) The Higher Beings that play the game. The Lusoris represent them and allow them to exist/operate within the Ludus. One might say that one's neurotentus is their "higher self".

This concept was illustrated in the Disney franchise, Tron, not that anyone is familiar with it.

Non: ADV. Latin; negative, no, none, not.

Ludus: N. Latin; game, play, sport, entertainment; also elementary school.

Exiti: V. Latin; escape, exit.

Derived from the Dog-Latin phrase "Nequitus Vici, Nequitus Aequavi, Non Ludus Exiti." (You Can't Win, You Can't Break Even, and You Can't Get Out of the Game.)

(Realm of Friction and Gravity, The) The "physical" realm; this dimension, The Matrix. Also see Ludus and Alkyttar.

(From syntagi; Greek for recipe.)  A message left by the Neurotentus for their Lusori. Usually in the form of an "Easter Egg", an event triggering a sense of connection with and realization of their "higher power" watching over them.

It is assumed that a player receives some kind of bonus when their avatar makes this connection. And an even bigger one if the recipe is fulfilled.

This fulfillment could be thought of as "enlightenment", but do consider: some of the lusori are controlled by players with motivations that you could only understand as "evil".

When The Ludus was still The Alkyttar, the Syntagium was a standard set of rules that much resembled the Biblical Ten Commandments, instilled at the beginning of the program.

The community of extra-dimensional beings that exist in the "upper-dimensions" for lack of a better term. The Neurotenti, or "players", as opposed to their *virtual* in-game avatars, or Lusoris.

The Guild itself is the administrative, governing class off these beings, who directly represent the will of its members.

The events that marked the the changing of this realm from a "prison" to an "amusement park", when The Alkyttar became The Ludus.

Many cultures believe in one or more "deluges" or cataclysmic plagues that have destroyed previous societies throughout history. Many of them are parables of how these changes were observed from inside.

A politically incorrect slang term for one who suffers from Hyperchronic Hubris Syndrome, or HCHS.

The boss of all bosses of the this realm, and countless untold others. For lack of a better term, "God". May or may not exist as an individual per se.

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