Mallutri: Unauthorized Avatars


Mallutri: Unauthorized Avatars –- The First Hackers and Homunculi

Originally posted on June 6, 2009  


King – From Eric York’s Nephilim Chess Set

[show_avatar email=2 align=left user_link=um_profile show_name=true]When The Guild decided to rehabilitate their warlord armies in a virtual simulation of a three-dimensional ecosystem, great care was taken to keep the location and attributes of the program secure. It was closely guarded and moderated from the inside and out. Still, there were groups that were more than just curious about the inner workings of the program, some of which had someone on the inside. Not quite “inside” the system yet, but inside the group of developers.

In version 1.0 of the system, the avatars were giant reptiles. One of their designers was sympathetic to a group that disagreed with The Boss on many things. This group was unhappy with certain aspects of cosmic society, and simply wanted to get away.

After learning many things about the laws of physics in the simulation, they approached their associate  and asked him to do one thing. Give one of the dinosaurs an opposable thumb. They believed they could then possess one of these creatures, and use it to construct some kind of passage to the simulation realm.

You may now be asking, why would they want to ‘escape’ into a prison? Well, remember – the place is only part of this prison. The real ball-and-chain is the avatar itself. A biological meatbag interface with only five input protocols (senses) that are subject to an infinite amount of virtual senses (emotions), all based on chemicals that the avatar produces itself.

So. The hackers planned on using this particular species of dinosaur to use as puppets to set up a laboratory on the inside of the sim, for the purposes of genetically designing a new kind of avatar. This new avatar would be a temporary step in this 3-part hack.


20161016_150912_north-treat-avenue-01.jpeg.jpegThe new avatar, based on dinosaur DNA, was a 10 foot tall humanoid reptile with enhanced brain capacity and hands. These new avatars were still strictly meant to be puppet-like temporary workers, no thought went into their appearance. They were telepathic and telekinetic, and used these powers to move them quickly through an iron-age where they created a large factory-laboratory. These avatars could easily be ‘possessed’ for direct interaction with the simulated environment, but they had a consciousness of their own as well. This was not the same kind of consciousness you have trapped inside your own meatbag; you wouldn’t call it a ‘soul’. It’s more like artificial intelligence – programmed for one purpose.

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