Mallutri: Unauthorized Avatars


PART 3.5

mallutrix_02That purpose was indeed to create yet another ‘race’ of avatars. These would be the aforementioned escape. The dissenters would need avatars to help them blend in with their environment, and live undetected in their new world. They didn’t want to disturb the program’s intended purpose, indeed they felt there would be plenty of space for them to live as long as they wanted without ever crossing paths with the inmates or affecting their rehabilitation.

This new avatar would be based on reptile, amphibian, insect and plant DNA. It would be virtually immortal, if fed a very simple diet. Its brain would house the entire consciousness of the being within, with no memory loss. It has an array of telepathic and telekinetic powers, as well as numerous abilities based on the knowledge of the true universe. It is not all-powerful though, having to adhere to certain limitations of being a biological life form in the Alkyttar/Ludus. Also not limited to five senses, more attuned to pleasure and more impervious to pain. Much attention was put into the aesthetic qualities of this race, they were made to be gentle creatures of beauty.You may have guessed that I’m referring to “The Fae” – For lack of a better term. They call themselves something that can’t be pronounced though.


When version 2.0 of the program was implemented, the upgraded inmate avatars were harder to hide from, driving them to the wooded areas and to places underground in order to keep from disturbing the program (and thus being discovered). They set up a network of underground villages, connected via wormhole portals – Legiuminascea based bio-sphincters that transport matter from one location to another.

Before the Deus Device was decommissioned, they created a planet by launching part of a continent into an elliptical orbit of the solar system. This planetoid/spacehip is referred to as “Nibiru” or Planet X in mythology.

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