More On The Pharaohs … Why The Ancient Egyptians Worship Cats.

[show_avatar email=2 align=left user_link=bp_memberpage show_name=true] There are compartments of information that I’ve never been privy to. There are some that I hacked, which led to my gleaning more info than was present, but there is also a lot of deliberate, misleading dis-information among those records. That being said, the following (along with a great deal of what I’ve stated already) should be taken with a grain of salt.

There was a time in the history of man (roughly 6000 years ago) in which “the gods walked among men”. Every culture on the planet makes references to this period, each having dramatically different descriptions of the same events.

The following is the most accurate description of these events, using modern vernacular, and descriptive language that the current collective consciousness can grock, dig?

This universe – specifically this planet – is an amusement park. It used to be a prison. Think of it as the equivalent of Alcatraz Island. A place of horrors, transformed into a tourist attraction.

You can also think of it as an obstacle course, a video game, or an addictive recreational drug experience. It’s all of the above, and you CHOSE to come here. You signed up. When you die, you’ll see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The light is actually the Earth’s Moon, and the walls of the “tunnel” are the datum that *you* collected during your lifetime, headed to the reincarnation station beneath the lunar surface. Chances are high that you will get right back in line to pick out one of any trillions of human lifetimes to experience during the time the project is in operation.

You won’t remember your previous experience, or your time “in-between”, unless there is some kind of glitch in the system – which does happen. The official rules of The Ludus state that these glitches cannot help you in any way.

These glitches exist because of instances of the system being “hacked”.

At the beginning of the project, there were many officials, placed into the system. These are what many cultures would consider to be “angels” (or demons) that acted as ‘wardens’. They knew the true nature of the realm, and many were corrupt. They made many deals with individuals inside and outside of the system, honoring just enough of them to introduce dangerous elements into the Ludus.

The individuals you know as Egyptian Pharaohs were some of these entities. They found ways to hack the part of the system that would wipe one’s memories before rebirth.

The hacks were in the form of giant monoliths that would redirect the Pharaoh’s soul (data stream) right back to the Earth, to become born with all personality and memories (and money) intact – though it might take the Pharaoh and his minions decades to identify each other.

Of course I’m describing The Great Pyramids, which are of course no longer intact. The chambers and chasms were once filled with an ancient, plant-based technology. Think the bio-cyborg tech in Battlestar Galactica, only mostly green and nowhere near as slimy. The tunnels and passageways were literally alive with it. This kind of tech was common back then. It was specifically designed to turn to pure silicone when it broke down, unable to even leave a fossil.

Long after the wardens were banned from physically manifesting here, they fooled the ancient Egyptians into believing they were the same pharaohs they’d long since screwed over.



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