this (your) now vs. my then

[show_avatar email=2 align=left user_link=bp_memberpage show_name=true]All of this bullshit. Trump. Hillary. Some kind of contest. Never happened. I can take solace in the fact that the world I came from didn’t come up with this.

What’s not that cool is that things went way worse, way quicker, and in a far more grandiosely unnatural way.

The biggest split was sometime before 2011. Around the time I arrived here from 2025-ish. I’ve been assured that it wasn’t exactly my own injection into this “timeline” that caused the split.

It may have been the injection therein, of someone very close to me, however.

On April 11, 2011, the worldwide communication grid went down. Blacked the fuck out. No one had any phone services or internet. For one whole week. NO ONE. No banks. No control systems. No purchases. No links to satellite defense systems. Nothing.

During this time, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Riots. Looting. A huge loss of human life, since people couldn’t buy food, water or medicine – or be held accountable for crimes like kidnapping, mass murder or “terrorism”.

Sounds bad? During that week, I was assigned to Obama’s security detail. While all the lights were out. During that time, I saw a disk-shaped spaceship land on the White House lawn. I saw Barack Obama being led to the ship. He told me to tell my men to stand down. He boarded, and the ship took off. He wasn’t heard from again for another 4 years.

Biden completed the term, and Hillary was “elected” (without fanfare) in 2012. GOP hopeful Ron Paul was assassinated before being nominated, and replaced by former child-star/radio-host/dark-horse-in-the-running Danny Bonnaducci. Bonnaducci bailed, disappointing a small handful of supporters.

By 2015, the American congress is nothing more than a reality show. The USA crumbles under Hillary’s watch, and sustenance is left up to the military industrial complex. Martial law is declared. Police brutality is at an all-time high. Mass shootings happen daily.

It is at this point that a new political party emerges, with a plan to unify the US with Canada and Mexico in a way that “restores” the economy. Arnold Schwarzenegger is made chairman of this “North American Party Zone” while the three countries within maintain their “sovereignty”.

Redfoo, from the band LMFAO had become Schwarzenegger’s “spiritual advisor”. He is grey-haired and balding, but with a huge, reddish-gray beard. He wears hooded, glittery wizard robes. He becomes Arnold’s second in command.

The major difference here, is that YOUR “timeline” hasn’t had its “apocalypse reset” yet. Just imagine that happening five years ago. What were you doing then. How would it have affected you if the world got kicked in the nuts in April of 2011? Would you even still be here?

What if you couldn’t get your meds for one week? What if almost no one could? How much chaos could that cause?

I saw it happen. Some people thought it was the end of the world.

The cops are going to kill a lot of you.

How was it, that they made you feel good about paying three dollars per gallon for gas?

They made you pay four for a while first.

Something bad is going to happen to you sorry suckers, very soon.

But don’t worry, it’ll only last long enough for you to feel a euphoric sense of liberation when they roll it back a notch. Or maybe two. If you’re lucky.


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September 24th, 2016 by