Though he doesn’t call himself that anymore, he agreed for the sake of posting here that there was no point in using any other handle.

He shared a journal entry. Not dated, but it’s from his mid-late 20s:

“I turned 26 today. For my birthday I got a surprise visit from “Cap”. I was disappointed in myself, to say the least. I’ve been tracking his movements and thought I knew exactly where he was.

The creepy thing is that he looked really rough. Like much older than he is. For a second I took pity on him. Creepier than that is what he said to me.

He totally pulled a Darth Vader. Claimed to be much older than he’d originally told me he was, and that he was MY FATHER. He told me he was sent to bring me back to the program. And that he didn’t want to force me to go with him.

I chuckled. I knew he was capable of saying just about anything but didn’t think he’d get THAT far-out with it.

Still – his appearance threw me for a loop. We’d always kinda looked the same but as I saw him standing there, seemingly old enough to BE my father, instead of just five years my senior, I saw a resemblance that threw me off-guard a bit.

“Why bother with this crap? You’re close enough to me – why don’t they just grab me like last time?”

“Listen son. I wish I could give you the apology you deserve right now, but we don’t have time!” …His calling me “son” was a load of bullshit I could hear in his voice, and it pissed me off.

Then he started going on about how he had “gone rogue” – that there was no one to grab me because they didn’t know where either of us were.

That’s when it all started to click. It had been our job to travel back in time to attain various ‘assets’. Was this guy in front of me just an older version of Captain Anarchy, sent back to retrieve me? He sure as fuck wasn’t my dad. Was his advanced age an indication of how long I’d successfully be able to avoid capture?

I wasn’t going to stick around and find out. I started to throw a right hook. He darted to the left, and I thought about jabbing his throat with my left, but instead decided to continue through with my original right. He must’ve been expecting that throat jab though, since he then darted right back into my right. He dropped to the ground and I ran.

…As fast as I could. There were plenty of people around but no Chronies. The farther away from him I got, the less vulnerable to being snagged away somewhere I’d be.

Obviously I can’t stay here anymore. Not sure where I can go now though.”

He added in his message that this was the last time he saw “Captain Anarchy”, and that although Cap wasn’t his father, things were a lot more complicated.


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