Yes, you will hear me asserting snippets of various philosophies, from every end of the planet. From Confucius, to Dr. Who, To Papa Smurf, but I promise to clarify if I beleive these snippets involved lies or mistakes. Anyway. Yes – an eastern concept. Hard to swallow for most; “Why would I choose THIS” is the selfish way they deny it. The slightly more thoughtful ask “why would anyone choose to be some third-world orphan, born starving and riddled with disease?”

Bonus Points baby. And quick ones.

Sick concept? Stay tuned. It gets worse.

This is pretty much continued from my introduction thread, and in my opinion, much easier to understand.

When you die, you go to the Moon. Then you come back.

The Moon is a processing center. Actually it’s pretty much a turn-style At this point. At the end of every human life-cycle on the planet, the data that was collected by that body zips straight up to the moon. More accurately, to a black pyramid on the far side that acts as a receiver for signals on that particular band. And as a transmitter for those that want to (re)visit.

The system known as “reincarnation” was set up during the initial launch of the ‘prison realm’. An inmate might ‘flunk’ (or perish) before the program was complete, and would have to be sent through again.

This system is still in place, only because the participants (users, addicts) can’t wait to ‘get back in the game’… Even though they lose all conscious memories of previous rounds during a round, they use the “points” they gather to aid them in various ways on their next journey. These usually end up being the equivalent of a gift card from Walmart.


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